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Regloplas AG
Flurhofstrasse 158
CH-9006 St. Gallen
Tel +41 71 282 58 00
Fax +41 71 282 58 40


Regloplas and Industrial Frigo have entered into a joint venture. The combination of our extensive expertise in our fields helps our customers to consistently reduce their costs. The Swiss firm with a long-standing tradition for temperature-control engineering and Italy’s leading manufacturer of chillers are coming together under the name RegloChill to bring a wide range of exciting products to the market. RegloChill has the perfect solution for every requirement, and its chillers and systems offer important advantages: excellent energy footprints, and the reduction in costs that go along with them.



For more than fifty years, we have specialised in the design and production of temperature control units. This offers distinct advantages to our customers in terms of consulting as well as product development and application.

Regloplas temperature control units are a quality Swiss product used successfully in more than fifty countries.


Industrial Frigo

Industrial Frigo has commercial relations with more than 60 countries. Its products are present on the Italian and international markets.

The commercial structure works for the maintenance and improvement of the relations with the clients; it also gathers and develops market data for a constant improving of the quality of their products and services.