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Free Cooler

The DCG-Series cooling batteries (Free coolers) are units for closed cooling systems with a minimum usage of water and electrical energy. In optimal conditions the energy saving can be up to 70% compared with traditional chiller systems. The DCG-Series is especially suitable for industrial plastics-, rubber-, die casting-, food- and other applications.

• High efficient copper tube / aluminium finned heat exchanger
• Removable and cleanable aluminium filter
• Fan speed controller
• Automatic discharge by gravity
• External pump



Main characteristics:

Cooling Capacity (∆T 10°C): 160…900 kW / 137’000…775’000 Kcal/h
Cooling Capacity (∆T 5°C): 80…450 kW / 68’000…387’000 Kcal/h
COP: up to 30 kW/kW
Pump Capacity: 260…1550 l/min / 1.2…1.8 bar
Ambient temperature: max. 45 °C




Key features:
• Heat transfer fluid: Water (without glycol)
• Modular design
• Automatic water refilling system
• Microprocessor controller
• Outdoor protection class (IP55)
• “Low noise” fans (Option)
• Series of nebulizing nozzles fitted with anti-scaling magnetic device – Enthalpy kit