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Water Chiller with Air Condensation

The water chillers from the RC2E-Series are air condensed monobloc units with an internal atmospheric stainless steel tank. The RC2E-Series is especially suitable for industrial plastics-, rubber-, die casting-, food- and other applications.

• Ecological refrigerant R407C
• High efficient scroll compressor groups
• High efficient copper tube / aluminium finned condenser
• Removable and cleanable aluminium filter
• Internal stainless steel tank
• Microprocessor controller



Main characteristics:
Condensation: Air
Refrigerant: R407C
Cooling Capacity: 7…120kW / 5’800…105’000 Kcal/h
COP: up to 5.2 kW/kW
Pump Capacity: 20…340 l/min / 3.3…4.0 bar
Ambient temperature: max. 40°C




Key features:
• Stainless steel tank and non-rusting material for hydraulic circuit
• Automatic water refilling system
• Outdoor protection class (IP55) of all models from RC2E60Z to RC2E120Z
• Axial or alternative centrifugal fans
• Fan speed controller for regulation of condensation (Option)
• Manual bypass or alternative automatic bypass to keep a constant pressure on
   the user circuit
• Version for operation with external reservoir available (V-Version)