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The premium brand for efficient industrial refrigeration at low energy costs.

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A modern and dynamic company

Reglochill manufactures chiller units, sophisticated cooling systems with automatic free cooling and closed-circuit cooling systems. Our chillers ensure efficient refrigeration in all production sectors of industry that require temperature control of liquids and gases. In particular, our systems are suitable for all processing in the plastic moulding sector, in the automotive sector, in the pharmaceutical chemical sector, in die casting, in the food sector and in the industrial sector.

Reglochill is the result of the collaboration of two companies that have extensive experience in the field of industrial refrigeration and cold management. RegloPlas, a Swiss company with a long tradition in temperature-control engineering and Industrial Frigo, the leading Italian manufacturer of industrial chillers, have combined their know-how and created a new business reality with the aim of offering quality and high-performance products.

Thanks to the continuous dialogue with the partners involved in research and development, Reglochill mixes and combines the long experience in the industrial refrigeration sector, bringing to the market a wide range of reliable and intelligent solutions. The new technologies in use, in fact, allow to considerably reduce energy costs, cutting down waste and, at the same time, protecting the environment.

Our commitment to excellence

Reglochill is the ideal partner for those who need water and air cooling for particular production processes. Our company mixes and combines the switzerland quality and accuracy with the italian reliabilty and efficiency.

Our solutions take advantage of the most advanced industry 4.0 and machine-to-machine communication technologies, allowing machines to talk to each other, perform self-diagnostics, preventive maintenance and provide reports and analysis of energy consumption.

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Discover the latest generation of products for every need related to industrial refrigeration. We design turnkey systems ensuring high energy savings and high performance.

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