Refrigeration for metal processing

Innovative engineering for quality castings

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Highest energy efficiency

Metalworking and the production of components intended for subsequent assemblies require scrupulous temperature control. In fact, the die-casting process is marked by very delicate phases, among which the cooling that allows the machinery to work at a temperature that conforms to the material to be deformed.

Reglochill manufactures last generation refrigeration units capable of effectively managing the cooling process of aluminium castings and steel hot forging.

Productivity and low energy costs

Reglochill's refrigeration units are designed to ensure high quality standards in terms of energy efficiency. Among the unique features of our refrigeration units, the plug and play connection stands out, allowing the machines to be installed with ease. In addition, the modular refrigeration system allows you to take up little space thanks to a compact design.

Eco-friendly - Reglochill
Alta Efficienza - Reglochill
High efficiency
Design Compatto - Reglochill
Compact design
Elementi modulari - Reglochill
Modular & expandable
Facile installazione - Reglochill
Easy installation
Energy saving - Reglochill
Energy saving


Discover the latest generation of products for every need related to industrial refrigeration. We design turnkey systems ensuring high energy savings and high performance.