DCG Air Blast Coolers without glycol from 80 to 2000 kW

DCGs with automatic gravity drain are used in open circuit installations, on outdoor tanks, when antifreeze is not tolerated.

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DCG - Air Blast Coolers without glycol from 80 to 2000 kW  - Reglochill

High capacity without addition of glycol

DCGs are used in open circuit installations, on external tanks, when the use of antifreeze is not tolerated. In cold periods, when the ambient temperature drops below zero °C, and/or there is no power supply, the dry coolers can automatically discharge all water, thus avoiding the formation ice.

This system allows to work with water only, avoiding high costs due to the addition of inhibited monoethylenic glycol. These dry cooler can also be connected with water chillers allowing for the development of economizing cooling systems.


Heat exchanger

With copper pipes and high-effi ciency aluminium grills, designed especially for automatic gravitational discharge.


Hydro Kit

Complete with tank, heat exchanger, one or more recirculation pumps, and all necessary devices to prevent water from freezing in the coil or anywhere else.


No Glycol

The particular design of the unit permits operation with pure water even with ambient temperatures of -15 °C without the risk of the freezing.


Control board

With IPSS protection, complete with electronic control system for setting and displaying the operating temperatures (also available in remote version).


Axial fans

EC fans with integrated electronics that allow to optimize power consumption in every working condition.


High efficiency pump

Close-coupled centrifugal electric pump with wide operating range, to ensure chilled water flow rates to users with maximum efficiency.

Different versions

DCG cooling batteries are made in different models adaptable to different customer needs and operating conditions. Depending on the expectations of energy savings, in the short or long term, it is possible to recommend the right type of investment to optimize the expenditure.

  • DCG /HP, standard version optimized to work in "dry" mode
  • DCG /A, adiabatic version with low pressure drop plastic panel
  • DCG /CA, adiabatic version with very high efficiency cellulose panel
  • DCG /E, version with enthalpy kit that exploits the vaporization of the sprayed water
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Tecnical data

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