IESG Energy saving integrated cooling system without glycol from 61,5 kW to 832 kW

IESG is a sophisticated single-temperature process water cooling system without glycol and equipped with a fully automatic Free-Cooling system.

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IESG - Energy saving integrated cooling system without glycol from 61,5 kW to 832 kW - Reglochill

High-performance smart solution

IESG  is a sophisticated single temperature process water cooling system, featuring a completely automatic Free-Cooling system:

  • process water without glycol mixture
  • complete with winter safety system
  • available in 12 different models

IESG is developed in a condensed water version, featuring a Free-Cooling system, allowing for the production of cold water in medium/cold periods at decidedly low costs. This can ensure up to 80% energy savings, while still guaranteeing a cooling yield with a very high COP of 5.6. The application of this system in ideal conditions during Free-Cooling operations in winter, can reach the attainment of a maximum COP value egual 30. This means that the system can generate up to 30 cooling kW for each electrical input kW. System conversion from the cooling to the freecooling setting is completely automatic via microprocessor logic that controls the entire system.


Other important benefits optainable with our patented IESG systems are:


  • Zero water consumption
  • Temperature precision of the cooled fluid
  • Reduced noise level thanks to standard eletronic speed control
  • Small dimensions as all components are housed in a single mono-block structure, with consequently simplified installation
  • External installation thanks to a galvanised sheet- steel frame and an electrical board with IP 55 insulation, thus avoiding expensive and unsightly coverings for protection of the IESG system
  • Without glycol

The system also offers the possibility to recover the hot water generated from cooling gas condensation for heating offices/production areas via the integrated HES (heating energy saving) system; this system allows for the recovery of at least 70% of the thermal energy generated by IESG.



User Friendly PLC

Automatic management of zones, available in multiple languages, ready for serial connections, complete description of functions and alarms.


High-efficiency finned condensers

High-efficiency finned-pack condensers guarantee an ambient temperature up to of 45 °C. Copper pipes and aluminium fins ensure high-performance heat exchange and durability.


Independent gas circuits

Depending on the size of the refrigerator, the IESG series refrigerators have up to 4 indipendent refrigerating circuits


Modular monobloc unit

Pressurized circuit operation with water-glycol operating fluid allows for rapid installation and parallel connection even between units with different potential.


High efficiency Scroll compressor

The use of compressors with orbiting Scroll technology ensures total reliability together and high efficiency levels.


Automatic Free Cooling Kit

A dedicated free cooling valve inside the unit allows for automatic maximization of energy savings.

Key Features

  • Ecological R407C gas
  • Closed circuit operation
  • Complete with internal tank
  • User pump with check valve and circulation pump
  • Modular version, allowing for an increase in cooling power, even at later times, by adding units of equal or different power
  • Rotary compressors with orbital spiral (scroll type) – high yield (COP performance rating of up to 6) – low noise level
  • Water condensation
  • Evaporator, with copper tube bundle, easy to extract
  • Dehydration filter with molecular screens gas
  • Level indicator
  • Solenoid valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Flow rate control meter
  • Low and high safety pressure safety switches
  • Anti-vibration elements to limit compressor vibration transmission
  • Automatic bypass
  • Automatic filling group
  • Axial, electric fans with vertical air expulsion
  • Electronic fan speed control
  • Free-Cooling exchanger with finned pack, with high thermal exchange coefficient copper pipes
  • Aluminium air filters, easy to dismount and clean during ordinary maintenance
  • Control panel, with IP55 protection, complete with electronic microprocessor for setting and regulating the work temperature
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Tecnical data

Discover the available models of IESG series or contact us for customized solutions.