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Free cooling technology: the new concept of green refrigeration

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Our solutions

Our team of engineers has created unique and innovative refrigeration systems with integrated automatic free cooling. The free cooling technology allows significant savings in terms of energy costs, ensuring high performance without any addition of glycol.


Energy saving integrated cooling system with glycol from 45 kW to 830 kW

Energy saving integrated cooling system with glycol from 45 kW to 830 kW - Reglochill

IES is a sophisticated, completely automatic, process water cooling system developed in a condensed water version, featuring a Free-Cooling system with glycol.

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Energy saving integrated cooling system without glycol from 61,5 kW to 832 kW

Energy saving integrated cooling system without glycol from 61,5 kW to 832 kW - Reglochill

IESG is a sophisticated single-temperature process water cooling system without glycol and equipped with a fully automatic Free-Cooling system.

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The excellence of green refrigeration for maximum cooling efficiency

Integrated systems are industrial refrigeration units with an integrated free-cooling system. The conversion of the system from the chiller setting to the free-cooling setting takes place fully automatically, through a microprocessor that controls the entire system.

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How do integrated systems with free cooling work?

The system can be combined with cooling batteries in order to obtain the maximum efficiency from the free cooling system, a method that uses only the temperature difference and cools the liquids thanks to the ambient temperature. This free cooling system is therefore able to dispose of the heat generated in the various production processes without requiring the consumption of water and with the minimum use of energy. These units consist of a heat exchange coil, a hydraulic circuit complete with pump, axial fans and relative control panel.

Integrated systems with free cooling are particularly suitable for all production sectors that are located in latitudes characterized by harsh winters.

Many customers operating in the plastic molding sector at certain temperatures choose modular combinations precisely because of the ability of the machines to work with an ambient temperature from +45°C to -25°C.

Specifically, this type of system works at room temperature with process water without the addition of glycol thanks to the special winter safety system. Combining a cooling system to the machine therefore, it is possible to obtain high efficiency of the cooling cycle and in the medium/cold periods to produce cold water at very low costs with a considerable energy saving.

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