RCWE Water cooling units with water condensation from 7kW to 60 kW

RCWE are water condensed monobloc groups. They are manufactured in two different versions: with a built-in tank or an external reservoir.

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RCWE - Water cooling units with water condensation from 7kW to 60 kW - Reglochill

State of the art refrigeration

These chillers are available in a modular version (C) which allow for successive integration with additional units with similiar or different cooling capacity.

The RCWE range is especially suitable for cooling moulds of plastics processing machines; they may also be used in other industrial processes.




Automatic Free Cooling Kit

A dedicated free cooling valve inside the unit allows the achievement of maximum energy savings in a fully automatic way.


High efficiency pump

The installed pumps meet European energy efficiency requirements. Versions with increased flow and pressure are available, as well as an optional inverter.


User Friendly to touch screen

Automatic zone management, available in several languages, ready for serial connections. Complete description of functions and alarms.


Plate evaporators

Plate evaporators or shell and tube (depending on size) characterized by maximum reliability and toughness.


Independent gas circuits

Depending on the size, the RCWE range has up to 4 independent refrigeration circuits. This ensures continuous operation.


High efficiency Scroll compressor

The use of compressors with orbiting Scroll technology make our products reliable while ensuring high levels of efficiency.

Key Features

  • R407C ecological refrigerant
  • High-efficiency rotating Scroll motor-compressor groups
  • Copper shell and tube condenser or stainless steel brazed plate condenser
  • Molecular sieves dehydrating filter
  • Liquid level sightglass
  • Solenoid valve
  • Expansion valve
  • Flow switch for water flow control
  • Safety pressure switches for high and low gas pressure
  • Water re-circulating centrifugal pump with non return valve or in alternative automatic proportional by-pass valve if required
  • Built-in reservoir, or, alternatively external reservoir for “V” version
  • Manual bypass valve
  • Automatic water fill-up group
  • Control panel, with IP55 protection, complete with a microprocessor based electronic instrument for the set-up and display of the working temperature (remote version also available)
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Tecnical data

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