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New Reglochill headquarters: quality and efficiency in cooling systems

Reglochill's new headquarters features inclusive and functional spaces to enable the production of the latest generation of cooling units.

Reglochill's offices and production area now have a new location with bright, welcoming spaces that encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas.  The new headquarters has been designed and conceived to create a workplace that integrates efficient and inclusive spaces, ensuring a high quality of working life for employees, collaborators and stakeholders. This goal is aligned with one of the founding values of our company, namely the focus on people and on building relationships of mutual trust with all our stakeholders.

Located in Calcinato, Brescia, the new headquarters has 8,000 square meters divided between administrative offices, technical offices and a manufacturing area dedicated to the production of refrigeration units, dry cooler and integrated free cooling systems, the new frontier of innovation and sustainability in cooling processes. The aim is to guarantee quality and efficiency of all products related to industrial refrigeration, providing the right space to allow production in line with customer expectations and fully adhering to the concept of Industry 4.0 and the consequent digitalisation of the company. 

Innovation and continuous modernization are indeed strategic drivers that characterize Reglochill, consolidated over time thanks to constant investments. Through the evolution of technologies, we want to contribute to bringing innovative and smart products to the market that generate benefits and help generate more value, placing our company among the most reliable companies in the industrial refrigeration and chiller manufacturing sector. 

We are therefore delighted to welcome you to our premises at Via Statale 314/A in Calcinato and present our latest-generation spaces and solutions.