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Reglochill is born, the joint venture between Industrial Frigo and Regloplas

The company makes energy-efficient chillers and cooling systems for all manufacturing sectors that require temperature control.

In October was officially established Reglochill, a company specialized in the design and production of sophisticated cooling systems and chillers. Reglochill is the result of the collaboration between two leading companies in the industrial refrigeration sector: Regloplas, a Swiss company with a long tradition in temperature-control engineering and Industrial Frigo, one of the main Italian manufacturers of industrial chillers.
Reglochill combines the long experience of the founding companies, which, by combining their know-how, have given shape to a new entrepreneurial reality. The aim is to offer high-performance and at the same time sustainable refrigeration units; innovation, sustainability and respect for the environment are in fact the foundations on which the new company was set up. Thanks to continuous investments in research and development by the founding companies, Reglochill designs and manufactures industrial chillers with low environmental impact equipped with automatic free cooling and closed circuit cooling systems. 
Reglochill has enthusiastically embraced the challenges related to the so-called fourth industrial revolution, the plant solutions proposed in fact, exploit the most advanced technologies of industry 4.0 and machine to machine communication, allowing machinery to communicate with each other, to perform self-diagnostics, preventive maintenance and provide reports and analysis of energy consumption.  
The company offers a wide range of sustainable cooling solutions for all those sectors where cold management is essential to ensure excellent physical and technical characteristics of the final product. In particular, Reglochill manufactures industrial refrigeration systems for the plastics industry, die-casting for the industrial sector and finally, for the food sector.  
For more information about our products, do not hesitate to contact our technical staff. 

Reglochill - Innovative systems for industrial refrigeration
Reglochill - Innovative systems for industrial refrigeration
Reglochill - Innovative systems for industrial refrigeration
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